The Campaign
For St. Michael's
Kidney Transplant
and Care Centre

Our Care

Because our patients are with us for life, we have a truly holistic approach to their care.

Our nurses and educators teach new life skills to make managing kidney disease easier. Patients learn everything from monitoring blood pressure and lowering blood sugar levels to changing their diet and decreasing stress – all a vital part of keeping kidneys from degrading.

Our dedicated pharmacists assist with complicated drug regimes. And our social workers help patients and their families navigate the potential barriers to treatment.

People aren’t their disease. Personalized treatment means taking into account each patient’s unique needs and circumstance. It means deep compassionate and empathetic care. And it means a steadfast commitment to improving outcomes.

74-year-old Jamie Merbaum credits St. Michael’s for saving his life and for making sure he never felt alone. “They were so wonderful at the night clinic. The nurses were so caring. Anything you needed they showed up right away and did whatever they could to help you feel more comfortable.”

Life changing acts of generosity are also a mainstay of our clinic. We make sure that when donors offer up a second chance at life, their own health isn’t jeopardized.

“My experience of care was unparalleled,” says 43-year-old donor Ryan Hogan. “I have no regrets and I can’t be more thankful that I had this done at this hospital.”

The campaign for St. Michael’s Kidney Transplant and Care Centre

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