The Campaign
For St. Michael's
Kidney Transplant
and Care Centre

One Focus Campaign

Every patient who walks through our doors deserves the best of us. They deserve our undivided attention. They deserve to be consoled when they’re frightened. They deserve timely education on how to care for themselves in their new reality. They deserve care that gives them back their lives.

We’re doing all of that and more here at St. Michael’s. People from across the country travel here to the Transplant and Kidney Care Centre because our sole focus is kidneys. Our team of nephrologists, surgeons, social workers, pharmacists and scientists are dedicated to a single field of research and practice. No hearts, lungs or livers. Just kidneys.

But we’re bursting at the seams in a dated space in desperate need of modernizing. Our patients and our staff need a facility that serves people now and prepares us for the future.

With your help our One Focus campaign will raise $7 million to enhance and expand our Transplant and Kidney Care Centre and support world-leading research.

The new centre on our eighth floor of 61 Queen Street East will allow us to holistically manage the care of patients with advanced kidney disease.

Opportunities to Contribute

Spending time in any clinic is no one’s first choice. It’s tiring. It’s physically hard. And it’s not much fun. When you visit us here at our kidney centre, we want you to feel welcome and confident about your journey. We want our environment to be comfortable, even relaxing. We want you to have a sense of well-being. So we are building a bigger and better centre with an enlarged waiting room, modernized exam rooms, more spaces for personalized education and a dedicated space for urgent treatments. And for the first time, your physicians and our top scientists will be able to work side-by-side in a research space designed to inspire and fast track innovation as we work to slow or even reverse early-stage kidney disease.

Rome wasn’t built in a day but this centre could be built in a timely fashion with your generous donation. Every dollar is one step closer to a state-of-the-art facility and research that will save lives.


The campaign for St. Michael’s Kidney Transplant and Care Centre

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